Red Bull   |   Kjeld Quest 100

This week was all about the record attempt of Kjeld Nuis trying to reach 100km/h with Red Bull in Savalen, Norway

I was there trying to keep up with Kjeld by flying the Inspire 2 drone. Together with Tom van Oijen (Kiwi Aerial Shots) we captured some footage which where part of the Red Bull video. Congratulations Kjeld on being the first human to skate 103km/h on natural ice.
Thanks Magenta Films for having me again on this awesome adventure and a big applause to the crew! 

Client: Magenta Films
Directed by: Arno Stols
Executive Producers: Marc Bodeman
Drone pilot: Pim Dijkman
Payload operator: Tom van Oijen (Kiwi Aerial Shots)

Kjeld quest 100 Red Bull