Red Bull  |  Kjeld Quest 

Kjeld Nuis broke the world speed skating record on natural ice at 93 km per hour. A fun fact is that my drone at the time could get to 80 kph in 5 seconds, but the maximum speed of my drone was 94 kph. So that’s just 1 kph faster than Kjeld Nuis could skate! Fortunately, I was just able to keep up with Kjeld Nuis, but it was definitely a challenge!

We shot this video over 2 days in Luleå (Zweden). A great experience and a fantastic job for Red Bull. Check out the Kjeld Nuis video above.

Client: Magenta Films
Directed by: Arno Stols

Executive Producer: Lisa Pilley
Producers: Nienke Luijk & Roos Pols
Sound: Mark Thur & Spook
Edit: Thijs Rigterink / Steffen de Back
Camera: Youp Kruijsdijk, Ben Steensels, Noah Kingsman en Bart Martens
Drone-operator: Dijkman Video Producties