FBTO  |   Data with a wink

Insurance matters can quickly feel heavy and serious, but with ‘Data with a wink,’ we show in these videos that FBTO can also approach it in a light and accessible manner, in its own style. In the videos below, we’ve translated insurance data into lighthearted content.

As the Director of Photography (DOP) and the creative team at The Post, we spent an entire day in the studio bringing the concepts to life. All footage was shot at 800 fps.

Client: FBTO
Production company: The Post
Directed by: Kristjan Knigge

DOP: Pim Dijkman
Set dresser: Mariska van Houts
Productie assistent:
Sam van der Poel

Productie assistent: Daniela Cavalo
Productie assistent: Maxim Shestak